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Haemocap Multisite and Mini Vac Pump

Haemocap Multisite and Mini Vac Pump

Heamocap Multisite is a new unique innovative pressure dressing. It is not a tourniquet. It can be applied in seconds to the wound site and can be replaced when the wound has been inspected to maintain pressure after inspection. It can be applied to wounds all over the body with the same application technique. 

Key features and Benefits:

  • Rapid application - simple and easy to use 
  • Can be applied by a single person and non - trained medical staff to various sites, Head, Neck, Limbs, Axilla
  • Semi- transparent so that the wound is visible 
  • Unlike fabric bandages, it does not draw blood from the wound 
  • Simple to remove and reapply after wound inspection 
  • Will not exceed 50mmHg of pressure - reducing the risk of necrosis 
  • Compatible with all suction devices

Minivac pump is a suction device to be used with the Haemocap multisite 

  • Easy to use hand pump 
  • Capable of achieving 250mmHG to evacuate air from the device until it constricts 

Invented by Mr Jake Timothy, a British spinal Neurosurgeon, who encountered great difficulties in bandaging serious head trauma injuries and felt there had to be a better way of dealing with these problems.

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