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PAcT (Public Access trauma Kit) - Refill

PAcT (Public Access trauma Kit) - Refill

A Public Access Trauma First Aid Kit, also referred to as a PAcT First Aid Kit is a first aid kit which supports the treatment of immediate, life threatening injuries such as major bleeding and those who are unresponsive with absent or abnormal breathing. 

To be located in publicly accessible locations and areas to which people can easily access. 

PAcT First Aid Kits are designed to be used by ANY person, regardless of their level of first aid training, and supports the first aid efforts until such time as the emergency services arrive. 

The PAcT First Aid Kit can also be used by an injured person who is able to treat themselves. 

Contents List:

  • 4 x pairs of Nitrile gloves 
  • 2 x disposable face mask 
  • 2 x Disposable glasses 
  • 2 x Tuff cut scissors 
  • 2x Non-woven triangular bandage 
  • 4 x Large trauma dressing 
  • 2 x Combat Application Tourniquet 
  • 2 x faceshield 
  • 2 x Indelible marker pen 
  • 2 x PAcT first aid kit Aide Memoire 
  • 2 x Foil blanket


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