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Tamper-proof evidence bag

Tamper-proof evidence bag

Single-trip tamper-proof evidence security bags allow for the secure storage and transportation of sensitive documentation, valuables, personal possessions and many other items. These bags achieve a high level of confidence in the integrity of a sealed bag (Level 4 security closures) and establish a secure chain of custody over items contained therein. 

Made of recycled materials, high quality security and print features are also incorporated and crucially contain sealing closures capable of withstanding known methods of intrusion. Level 4 security closures are the most secure, effective, and efficient way to secure your valuables in higher-risk applications. They are heat-resistant, freeze-proof and solvent-resistant closures, with security overprint along the welded seams and come with a high-resolution barcode, and unique numbering (also applied to security closures). 

Overall Product Specifications:

  • Available in different sizes: 
    • Small 125 x 330 mm + 150mm header
    • Medium: 230 x 350 = 150mm header
    • Large :330 x 500 mm + 150mm header
  • Header description: The header contains the area for reference numbers, hand written descriptions (multiple languages), etc., and allows clear viewing of the bag contents. S35 mm high security tape with open void effect (Level 4 security) with bottom and side welds
  • Material: LDPE and clear transparency Bag Thickness: 60 microns
  • Additional Features: barcode & unique number

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