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Tamper-proof breathable evidence bag

Tamper-proof breathable evidence bag

The LDPE recycled breathable evidence bags are used for the requirement to store clothing, personal items and other potential damp items (breathable bags allow moisture to evaporate and stop degradation of evidential materials). 

Overall Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Transparent (clear) LDPE / 90 microns + 80GSM breathable material 
  • Available in different sizes: 
    • Small 230 x 350mm + 150mm header
    • Medium 330 x 500mm + 150mm header
    • Large 570 x 800mm + 150mm header
  • Header description: Header contains the text boxes that require information to be completed and allow clear viewing of the contents
  • Security Features: 45 mm high security tape, Level 4 security / Twin Seal and Lip-to-Lip closure
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